Royal Palms Ledge – Grand Cayman

Depth: 35 – 50

This is a great shallow dive and perfect for wide angle and macro photography.  This is also a great night dive.  The Ledge is shaped like a horseshoe.  You drop in to the anchor pin which is on a small pinnacle just off the right of the reef.  Depending on the number of divers it is best to enter the ledge path can take that all the way around exiting the other side.  At the very bottom it is a max of 50.   Be sure to look under the ledge top to bottom.  There are a number of cleaning stations with shrimp and smaller cleaner fish cleaning grouper and other large fish.

Once you come out the other side at the end of the horseshoe you can make your way to the top of the reef to se even more marine life.  This is a good long dive with lots of light and interesting ledges and cracks to find all sorts of macro items to shoot.

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