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Bill Hunt

My Passion:

I am very passionate about underwater photography.? I have a stressful and demanding job as a CEO of a Digital Marketing Consultancy which does not give me a lot of time for fun.? One thing it does give me is a lot of airline miles and hotel points.? With these my wife and I are able to visit some of the nicest dive sites in the world and I want to capture and remember that experience.

My Experience:
I have been a PADI certified Instructor for over 20 years.? I have been taking pictures off an on for nearly 10 years and really got into it in the past 5 years.? I have had all sorts of cameras and now have one that I am very comfortable with.
My gear:
I shoot a Canon EOS 300D in an Ikelite housing.? My favorite lens is a Canon 50mm macro.
Favorite Dive Locations:
Bora Bora
Great Barrier Reef
Grand Cayman

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